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FAC 251 – Factory Records reborn at new club venue in Manchester


Some might say there's too much nostalgia in the Manchester music and club scene, but at the same time, that also means there's a ready made market for the return of Factory in the city, courtesy of Peter Hook's FAC 251.

Described as 'a new indie rock and roll club and live venue', FAC 251 is the old Factory HQ, redesigned by original original architect Ben Kelly and operated in conjunction with club operators Tokyo Industries.


It claims to be geared towards contemporary bands, promoters and DJs, although the Saturday night line-up is anything but – a three-room set-up means old Hacienda night Stone Love playing indie tunes, a second Hacienda Presents room hosting 'Mancunian rock legends' on the decks while a 3rd hosts a soundtrack of 70s New York City Funk & 80s Electro Pop. We suspect the more interesting nights might be taking place on the other nights – details of which are still to be conformed.

Finally, an opening night event on Friday 5th February 2010 will see Peter Hook's The Light take the stage – a one-off performance by a 'Manchester supergroup' with Mani (Stone Roses), Rowetta (Happy Mondays), Howard Marks and other special guests, performing rare Joy Division and New Order tracks, and a hits retrospective featuring songs by Hooky's previous bands Monaco, Revenge, New Order, Joy Division plus and the debut of his new material with Freebass.

For details of that and everything else, sign up to the club's Facebook page.

FAC 251 on Facebook

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  • jooles

    Bahhh who cares…..
    Factory and Manchester are dead and have been for a long time, what the point.
    People say this time they might actually make some money because its a new approach, whilst completely forgetting that the thing that fuelled Factory, and Madchester was the completely wild and hedonistic approach to doing things. If thats gone and you have too much organisation, then you got nothing else.
    Whilst in some respects its nice to think that Factory is still alive and kicking, most new generations havent got a clue what was so special about it the first place, never having been a part of it.
    What is required is a completely new and innovative wave to be ushered in, something that is NOT going to happen if people keep looking to the past like this.
    Factory, Manchester and the Hacienda was a big part of my life and my youth, that doesnt mean it has to linger on like a bad smell, nor be a part of the life of… how many generations on now….
    Everything that Factory did initially was new, innovative and ground breaking. This is most certainly not, its pure nostalgia and is as bad as if the Hac had remained in place but taken over by some corporate. Even Hooky said how sickened he would have felt if it had become something like “The Carlsburg Hacienda” and this is just the same thing in my opinion.
    Nostalgic – Yes
    Innovative – Most certainly No
    Will it break new ground never trodden – Very VERY Unlikely

  • jooles

    In FACT… To use a recent phrase used by them summarises it all very well I think.
    “We Made History Not Money”
    So now they are going to
    “Make Money Not History”

  • But the’ve already made history
    they deserve to make money now