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Dennis Hopper Double Standard exhibition, Los Angeles


Double Standard 1961 © Dennis Hopper, image courtesy of the artist and Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York

I’m not sure how many of readers are likely to be in the Los Angeles area in the next few months, but for those that are, an exhibition of photographs and paintings by Dennis Hopper must be worth a visit. The exhibition, Dennis Hopper Double Standard, takes place at the LA Museum of Contemporary Art and takes its name from his 1961 photograph (shown here).

Although best known as an actor and specifically Easy Rider, photography played a vital part in Hooper’s life the 60s. His photos feature a mixture of celebrities (Paul Newman, Martin Luther King, Dean Martin and Andy Warhol are amongst his subjects), icons of the counterculture (the Grateful Dead and bikers) and more everyday images. The exhibition was planned when it became knowledge that Hopper was suffering from cancer and is curated by his friend the artist and film-maker Julian Schnabel – its a shame Hopper didn’t make it a little longer to see the results.

The exhibition begins on 11 July at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

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