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Katakana writing desk from Dare Studio


Dare Studio combines handsome mid-century looks with the demands of 21st century living with their Katakana desk

It's made from black walnut and looks like a fairly traditional, albeit very stylish, desk back from the days when people used to write letters to each other. Those looks are actually quite deceiving as the desk is designed with compartments to enable the power supply cable for your laptop to be hidden away. The handy gimmicks don't stop there either – the drawers are tapered so pens will always roll to the front of the drawer. 

It's a classic piece but one that's also a serious investment, as the desk costs £3295. 

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  • The Katakana desk merges Art and Home Furnishings. This piece is beautiful – I’m salivating as we speak.
    I piece celebrates the past, but it is comfortable in a modern space. The contrasting wood has an immediate visual impact.
    I’d love to own this desk.