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The Chap Olympiad in London


The thought of the London Olympics sends us to sleep, but The Chap Olympiad on the other hand – well, we'll be all over that when it takes place on Saturday 17th July in Bedford Square, London WC1.

Yes, the gentleman's occasional magazine of choice, The Chap, is creating its own Olympics, described as a 'celebration of athletic ineptitude and immaculate trouser creases' for 'the elegant and unathletic' and offering a day of themed sporting events, live music, side shows and refreshments.

Events are designed to separate the chaps from the cads, with gentlemen and ladies competing to win the coveted bronze, silver and gold cravats or take a self-congratulatory puff of the Olympiad pipe. Events which will be taking place this year include the Maritini relay and the Cucumber Discus just to name a couple.
All Olympiad guests and participants are encouraged to come in period dress, which in the past has ranged from Victorian explorers to flappers and Second World War RAF pilots. The action begins at 1pm, tickets are £15 and you can find out more at the Chap website

The Chap website