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Anyone up for a Retro To Go Weekender? Find out more


Ok, details are scarce, but after getting a warm response to the idea via Twitter, I'm looking for feedback for a potential Retro To Go Weekender.

Here's the idea: Pick a town/city, organise something interesting and social for the Saturday and Sunday daytimes, then throw in a suitably-themed club night/event for the night. A 'get to know you' weekend that can operate occasionally and move around, so you get to discover the retro side of different places and of course, get a good weekend away without too much cash outlay.

Interested? Well, here's where YOU come in. If it's the kind of thing you would attend, leave some feedback via our Facebook or Twitter pages or add a comment below the article. Alternatively, send us an email if you want to attend or if you have an idea for a weekender event or location. The first event will probably be in Manchester, but if that's successful, it can go pretty much anywhere. Anyway..we await your feedback…