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Dior Gruau Tailleur Bar palette

Gruau tailleyr
If the Dior Illustrated exhibition at Somerset House has wetted your appetite for the work of Rene Gruau, you may want to invest in the Dior limited edited Gruau Tailleur Bar palette

This beautiful eyeshadow is based around one of Gruau original illustration and shows 'Bar', one of Dior's most famous designs which is held to be the iconic example of his 'New Look'. The palette uses classic Dior colours, with the grey, black and purple shades reflecting the period in which it was designed. The eyeshadow is also imprinted with a copy of both Gruau's and Dior's signatures alongside 'London' and the date, making the palette a future collector's classic.

The palette costs £60 and is available exclusively from Selfridges

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