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For sale: One-bedroom apartment in the Le Corbusier-designed Unité d’Habitation building in Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany


We’ll be honest, details are vague on this one – but we think the fact that you can buy a one-bedroom apartment in the Le Corbusier-designed Unité d’Habitation building in Charlottenburg, Berlin for just over £40,000 seems worthy of mentioning.

The block is something of an architectural landmark in West Berlin. Just a stone’s throw from the Olympic Stadium in the city, the block was designed and built by Le Corbusier in 1957 as one of his cities in the sky, offering 530 living spaces over 10 floors, throwing in a shop and a post office on the ground floor, as well as offering some nearby green space thanks to Grundwald woods at the front of the block.

The building has had some renovation over the past few years, but still keeps the modernist feel throughout. Sadly, we don’t know much about the actual apartment on offer due to the seller’s lack of images. But there are details online which claim it is a ‘redeveloped property’ in ‘excellent repair’, with renovation of the piping (cold and hot water, wiring, risers) three years ago. It also points out that the condominium owners’ association and the building’s booster club make every effort to maintain the property in superior condition in line with the protection of historic monuments and according to the specifications of Le Corbusier. After all, it is listed.

Best thing to do, if interested, is contact the seller for more details. Also, check out this page for properties already renovated and offered for rental and also check out the video below, which offers up images of the exterior and the interior corridors of the building. There are also a couple of books on the market about the property, including the photobook Typ Berlin.

Price? That’s £41,133 – which seems like something of a bargain to us. Then again, we’re probably just used to over-inflated British property prices, so anything with five digits looks cheap to us.

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