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Ok, so how about a Retro To Go Weekender event? Read on…


I have mentioned this previously, as well as more recently across the social networks. But I think it is time to start looking at a Retro To Go Weekender. Interested? Read on…

The idea of a weekender came last summer, we were at a quiet seaside place with a vintage feel (Llandudno, for the record), thinking how great it would be to organise something with a retro/vintage twist either in a city or at an interesting seaside location. So we've been doing some thinking.

So far, we've thought it would work if it was small, interesting and very people-focused. Essentially, it would be about filling your weekend with interesting pastimes and meeting interesting people.

One idea was (for example) an initial Manchester event, which would involve a Saturday daytime meet-up (tea and cakes, music, possibly some shopping), followed  by a retro-themed club night at a decent venue. Sunday could be a walk / tour – or a screening of a cult movie, depending on interest. Then off home and back to your 9 to 5. A seaside jaunt would obviously involve more ice cream, deck chairs and fish 'n' chips, possibly a vintage bus too.

You get the idea. But before we start planning, we want your input, your ideas and an idea if you would be interested. Nothing has been planned yet, that would be down to how many were genuinely interested.

So let us know, either via the Facebook page, the Twitter page, comments under this article or simply, by dropping us an email with your thoughts. It's not going to be a profit-making adventure, nor is it about doing something in competition with other events. It's about doing something interesting and fun over a various weekends.