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Blitz Vintage Department Store, London


Dear London readers, prepare to be excited. Blitz London, the UK's first exclusively vintage department store, opened it's doors on Friday.

Selling everything from clothes & homewares to music & books, Blitz is an impressive 9000 sq foot warehouse near East London's ├╝ber-hip Brick Lane. Every item on sale at Blitz is vetted by the owners to make sure it's of the best quality, so don't expect to find any of the stains, holes and scratches you would normally discover.

There is a huge selection of goodies on offer, sourced by established vintage dealers who really know their stuff, from 40s frocks & upcycled furniture to high end designer wares from the likes of Vivienne Westwood & Alexander McQueen. Soon there will even be a converted vintage Fiat serving coffee to visitors. With so much to offer, Blitz is set become the vintage devotee's shopping destination of choice when visiting the capital.

Visit the Blitz London Tumblr page for more information.


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