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The Actionettes Present… Night of the Shimmying Dead in London


Ok, it's not quite on Halloween night, but Saturday 29th October is the nearest weekend date for The Actionettes Present… Night of the Shimmying Dead in London.

We're talking groovy ghouls, ghosts and go-go as London’s original all-girl 60s dance troupe take over the Buffalo Bar for one night only. Not only will you see some tasty vintage dance moves, you'll get some great grooves and top notch live music too.

That includes all-female garage band The Nuns performing a tribute to legendary 60s band The Monks, along with indie/rockabilly from The Werewandas and Miss Ani from retro-pop band The Pipettes singing and spinning tunes. Talking of DJs, the Actionette DJs will be spinning foot-stomping soul, r’n’b, garage and rockabilly until the early hours, throwing in Evil Elvis comperes, a diabolical dance class and a hair-raising competition. Prize for the best dressed too, so make an effort.

The Buffalo Bar is at 259 Upper Street, London N1 1RU, with the night running from 7.30pm – 2am. Tickets £6 in advance, £8 on the door, £5 after 11pm. You can grab some here.

  • Paul

    The shimmying dead indeed… anyone with an ounce of love for the 60s will whither with embarrassment (or die laughing) at the dancing ability of these girls. True, they love nothing more than dressing up (however unauthentically) and having an audience, but they lack charisma and have a dancing ability akin to Les Dawson on the piano accompanied by the Roly Polys. Sorry girls, but I saw your act at Vintage and found it nothing short of laughable.

  • Philysis Spector

    Being fair to the Roly Poly some of them could actually dance. Also a bit more youtful than most Actionettes.