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Beyond the Counterculture at the Cornerhouse, Manchester

If your idea of art history consists of a posh, middle aged man talking about flying buttresses & the Vitruvian man, think again. Beyond the Counterculture at the Cornerhouse, Manchester, is a 6 week course introducing enthusiasts and the uninitiated alike to the sleazy underbelly of low brow art.

What started with pop art in the 60s has steady evolved into a hotbed of underground creativity, full of surfers, retro pin ups, hot rods, punk and all things psychadelic and surreal. Hosted by Ian Lowey and Suzy Lowey-Prince, founders of indie art magazine Nude, the course will explore the art that has grown up around the subcultures and underground youth movements in Western pop culture. Expect to learn more about a few Retro To Go favourites such as Jamie Reid and Shag, among other greats of the low brow art scene.

Beyond the Counterculture runs every Monday evening from 16th January until 20th February 2012 and is £60 per person. See the website for more information.