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2013 Cities calendar from Rifle Paper Co

Rifle paper co cities calendar

It's August, so probably far too early for you to have started thinking about calendars for next year. However, we suspect this 2013 Cities calendar from Rifle Paper Co. will prove so popular you may want to think about snapping one up now. 

Rifle Paper Co. have previously charmed us with their beautiful French cards. The American company take their globetrotting even further for this calendar with each month featuring a gorgeous vintage style hand-painted map of a different city. Of course, there's Paris but New York, London, Amsterdam and Istanbul also get a look in. As a taster, take a look at the Rome map below. 

According to their website, there is a 'limited quantity' of the calendar available. So, if you really needed an excuse, another reason to buy this one now. 

The calendar costs $26.

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Rifle paper co Rome

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