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Appleberry college scarves in football colours


Apolgies if you saw these over the weekend via our social networks, but we thought these Appleberry college scarves in football colours might be deserving of a wider audience.

These are classic college scarves, but with one obvious difference. The colours here are not for educational establishments. These are designed for football clubs. Not just the Premier League either, scarves are available for all League clubs too, as well as some non-league teams.

As you would expect, these hand-finished scarves are made of Saxony Wool and are  made in the UK. Being unofficial, they are not lumbered with any clumsy sponsors' logos either. The couple of examples you see here are Bolton Wanderers above and Manchester United below, but you can browse the site to find your particular favourite. All are priced at £39.99.

Find out more at the Appleberry website

Via His Knibs


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