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Elle Interiors midcentury-inspired design sale at Achica


For some months now, the Elle Decoration magazine has been running a (successful) campaign to extend the copyright laws to design in the UK. That is likely to mean sales like this Elle Interiors midcentury-inspired design sale at Achica will soon be a rarity.

Note that Elle Interiors is nothing to do with the magazine, it’s described by Achica as a ‘family-run business’ that ‘produces cool and funky contemporary furniture’. While we support the magazine’s campaign in principle, we’re also mindful that some people will not be able to afford the real thing, but do want the look. In other words, it’s your call, we don’t want to preach.

On offer within the sale are takes on the Eames Chair (below), the Jacobsen Egg Chair, the Eero Aarnio Ball Chair (see above), the Barcelona chair and much more. Feel free to browse in the next day or so, which is when the sale ends. Price-wise, the sale prices are £699 for the Ball Chair, £349 for an Egg Chair and £699 for an Eames Chair and footstool.

If you want one, get them from Achica while stocks last (they are already running low). If you want to make an investment, we suggest you save up and buy the real deal.

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