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Junior Hipster site launches – a website featuring cool stuff for kids


A few of you might have noticed this being worked on, but now I think we're at a point where we can give the Junior Hipster site an official launch. In short, it's a site featuring cool stuff for kids.

Or indeed, big kids, should you be out of the age range. But by and large, the site will pick up a daily selection of interesting items aimed initially at children – fashion and style, toys, entertainment, accessories and essentials, right though to home decor, design and art. If it's interesting and cool, we'll be giving it a look – and might feature it.

Check out our first batch of finds on the site right now, which will be updated constantly (a bit like this site). You can check back when you happen to be passing or you can keep in touch via the social networks, also linked below.

Junior Hipster website

Junior Hipster on Twitter

Junior Hipster on Facebook