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Colourful Bohemia leather satchels at Fab


It's been a classic since…well, as long as anyone can remember. But in recent years, the humble satchel has shifted from school accessory to everyday bag. If you want one for your daily commute, check out the Bohemia leather satchels at Fab.

There are 30 different colours and/or styles in the sale, with the handmade bags produced by a family-run company using traditional methods handed down over the years.

The methods might be traditional, but some of the colours are definitely not, although you can opt for an old school brown leather bag if you want one. A couple of the styles are shown below, but see the site for the full range on offer right now.

As for prices, they start at 85 Euros. Fab do, of course, ship to the UK – and there is free shipping for anything over 70 Euros.

Find out more at the Fab website


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