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Polaroid and film camera sale at Fab


It seems like the UK Fab site has now merged into the European Fab site. While that might sound like bad news, it's actually a good news story – as the new site and lots more features and best of all, considerably more sales. That includes this Polaroid and film camera sale at Fab.

Yes, if you want to go 'old school' in your photography, now is the perfect time, as there are various classic Polaroids (and film) in the sale, along with other retro film cameras like the Book Camera, Pop Cam, Split Cam and Quad Cam – all of which are discounted too.

The Polaroid Sun above has a fixed 116mm lens with automatic focus and an adjustable exposure correction slider. It is sold with eight single-use, full-colour sheets of Impossible Project PX680 CF Film and is yours right now for 119 Euros. The Polaroid 600 below has a has a fixed 127mm lens with two focus options and is also sold with the same film. That is now 119 Euros.

See all the cameras in the sale at the Fab Europe website.


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