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The week at WowHaus: Another selection of retro houses you might have missed


Just in case you've not been following the WowHaus site this week, here is the pick of the houses featured there this week. The pick of the retro houses, that is. There are more of course, if you want to check out the site.

1960s Henry T. Howard-designed The Butterfly House in East Hampton, New York, USA

The first of three US houses that blew us away this week. This one (pictured above) dates back to 1964 and jumps out at you with that distinctive roof, but this midcentury gene offers plenty of light and space too.

Yours for around £450,000.

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1950s four-bedroom custom-built property in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

It doesn't look much from the outside, but this place was featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine back in 1954, pitched as the ‘home full of built-ins’ due to its distinctive custom interior. All of which is still here.

The best bit? It is selling for the equivalent of £97,931.

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1960s Gordon Nettleton-designed midcentury modern property in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

Similar story to the last one really, a fairly plain outside, but a fascinating interior, seemingly untouched since the 1960s, right down to the kitchen units.

Plenty of space in this three-bedroom property, with a price of £475,000.

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1950s Carter Spark-designed midcentury property in Sacramento, California, USA

Another piece of classic midcentury modern from the US, this one dates back to 1958 and although it has been updated considerably since, the design is still faithful to the architect's vision.

The price has certainly gone up though, this one selling for the equivalent of £645,000.

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1950s John Johansen-designed Goodyear House in Darien, Connecticut, USA

The pick of the week. This is 1950s modernism, created by  a student of Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius. It has been updated, but only to make it into a modern family home, The architecture remains as stunning as ever.

You'll need to be an affluent family to own it though, with a price of  $2,595,000.

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1960s Louis Erdi-designed midcentury modern property in Sydenham Hill, London SE26

There's a bit of old school celebrity about this place. This 1964 build was commissioned for writer and editor Peter Evans, co-writer of Goodbye Baby & Amen (A Saraband for the Sixties) with David Bailey. The book was planned here and the stars hung out here.

You can too for £1,250,000.

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1970s Frazer Crane-designed three-bedroom modernist property in Hale Barns, Cheshire

Frazer Crane designed George Best's iconic house and he also designed various other gems around the north of England, this being one of them.

A lot of renovation has gone on since, but this is still a very cool property, right down to its glass walls. New to the market, it is up for £895,000.

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