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The week at WowHaus: More retro houses you might have missed


Another week has past, which means another week of house finds at WowHaus, including a good number of retro properties. This is the pick of the last seven days.

1970s Norman W. T. Brooks-designed four-bedroom modernist property in Tiptree, Essex (pictured above)

Dating back to 1972, this is an amazing but of British modernism from that era.

Not just an amazing cantilevered exterior, it has a virtually untouched inside too, one which has also been very well maintained. Yours for £495,000.

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1960s Robert Green-designed midcentury modern property in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

A truly mind-blowing house that you really need to see in more detail.

This midcentury gem dates from 1962 and is absolutely huge. Luckily, the agent has stuck up over 30 shots of this place, showing a Frank Lloyd Wright-style interior, as well as nice mix of stone and wood. It's the midcentury house you always imagine.

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1960s four-bedroom modernist property in Pinner, Middlesex

Fancy a move to Pinner? There's a house waiting for you that hasn't changed in 50 years.

Ok, it might have changed a little, but not a great deal – just look at the kitchen to see the original era. That means it needs work, but it's also a great canvas for a retro home.

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Renovated 1960s midcentury modern property in Lyncombe Vale, Bath, Somerset

A great shell of a house, but as the title says, this has been renovated too.

Not just a lick of paint either. CaSA (Contemporary and Sustainable Architecture) has created a house straight out of an interiors magazine. If you are a fan of retro meets modern, you'll love it.

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1930s art deco Woodland House in Blakedown, Kidderminster, Worcestershire

I think calling this an art deco house is doing it a disservice. It's more like an art deco mansion.

Yes, a considerable build, complete with five bedrooms, extensive grounds, even your own indoor swimming pool. Luxury living, 1930s style.

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1970s Richard Meier-designed Orchard Hill modernist property in Mount Kisco, New York, USA

Not in its original 1970s condition, but this Richard Meier design is still a head turner.

The outside might knock you back, but the inside, is equally as impressive. As we said, not the original 1970s condition – this place had a makeover in 2008. But it is still a great example of 1970s futuristic design.

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