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Ercol Holland Park Chair by Russell Pinch


It's a new design, but the Ercol Holland Park Chair would fit effortlessly into the classic Ercol range.

This is a design by Russell Pinch, someone we have featured before on numerous occasions, including his Yves writing desk, the Elsie armchair and sofa and the Clement coffee table.

This time he's turned his hand to an everyday, midcentury-inspired chair, which is great for use as an extra/spare chair if you can afford such a luxury, but more likely, as a stylish dining room or living room chair. When you don't need it, the craftsmen-made solid beech chair(s) stack three high, which should save a bit of space.

Lots of colours to choose from, all selling for £395.

Find out more at The Lollipop Shoppe website


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