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The week at WowHaus: Retro properties you might have missed


Once again, WowHaus has been hunting around for hip houses for sale. That search also brought up a number of retro houses on the market, the pick of which are below.

1950s Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Dudley Spencer House in Wilmington, Delaware, USA

The 1956 Dudley Spencer House, also known as Laurel (pictured above), is the only FLW house in this particular state, with a curved design, custom furniture and an authenticity – very little has changed over the years. An icon of design and up for sale.

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1960s architect-designed four-bedroom property in Bolton, Lancashire

Compared to the FLW house, this is quite mundane. But it is an individual architect design, with lots of original features and plenty of space, not to mention a good location. Affordable cool.

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Three-bedroom 1950s midcentury modern property in Los Angeles, California, USA

Built in 1953, this is a post and beam house, high on a hill overlooking the city. Location is something special, that's for sure. The open plan space needs some work, but the originality more than makes up for it.

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1980s Headland House modernist five-bedroom house in Piddinghoe, Newhaven, East Sussex

Another mention of Frank Lloyd Wright here. Not that this place is his design, but the architect was influenced by the great man.

It dates from 1989 and is another house where views are a key selling point, this time the nearby Ouse river and village, across the valley to the Downs and Seaford Head. Nice interior too.

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Three-bedroom 1930s art deco house in Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Art deco doesn't need to wreak the bank, but this 1930s art deco house in Wakefield, West Yorkshire does need some work to bring it back to its best.

On the plus side, it has a lot of originality going for it and if you do the work, you might just see a bump in value too (although that's obviously not guaranteed).

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Crathinard 1970s three-bedroom modernist house in Blairgowrie, Perth and Kinross, Scotland

Described as being the work of a 'cutting edge Glaswegian architect' in 1974, this modernist gem is built around the garden, with views across it from the living space, throwing in a fine timber interior and a feature fireplace. Cheaper than you might think too.

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1950s four-bedroom midcentury-style property in Bergen, Holland

It looks like the kind of place you'd expect to find in a more rural part of the USA, but this place is in Holland, dating back to 1956, although it was sympathetically extended in more recent years.

Lots of open space, a forest location and plenty of luxury too. All at a price though.

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