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The week at WowHaus: Retro houses for sale you might have missed


Plenty of new house finds at WowHaus this week, including plenty that would class as retro. Below is the pick of the week.

1970s architect-designed single-storey modernist property in Bangor-on-Dee, near Wrexham, North Wales

Dating back to 1973 (and pictured above), this is a house designed by an architect for himself, throwing in all the tricks and style of the day for a single-story modernist gem, unchanged over the years.

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1960s three-bedroom modernist property in Bodmin, Cornwall

Built in 1961 and inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, this substantial build, with views over the river and valley, has changed little over the decades. Except for purpose – once a small private school. it's now a family home and up for sale.

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1960s midcentury modern property in Highland Park, Illinois, USA

Dating from 1968, this architect's house looks like it has been dressed as the perfect '60s home. Not so. This place has simply been looked after all these years – all that 1960s design belongs to the current owner.

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1970s Orchard House modernist property in Winchester, Hampshire

An individual design from the '70s and located in one of Winchester's best areas, this place has a lot going for it. It has been updated over the years, but those windows and the staircase are just two selling points of this large family home.

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1950s four-bedroom midcentury modern property in Armonk, New York State, USA

This is a stunner. Designed back in 1950, this midcentury build is on the market for the first time since. Its large windows, angular walls and high ceilings were probably cutting edge at the time. They still look ahead of the game today.

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The Croft 1960s four-bedroom house in Foston, Derbyshire

From a distance, The Croft might look like a typical family home. Not so. This was an original architect design back in the day (1967), with plenty of '60s features surviving, not least because the original purchaser is selling this for the very first time.

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