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Sale watch: Fab Sale – 50 per cent off everything

We're all over the sales today – and we're more than happy to share the bargains we've found. There are certainly a few in the Fab Sale.

There's a three-day sale taking place, with 50 per cent off everything. Yes, clothing, the 'fun' stuff and best of all for us, the home stuff. Thing is, Fab has so much interesting and quirky stuff, there's got to be something of interest.

You see the prices when you get to checkout. So if you add the wonderful Quinze & Milan x Andy Warhol x Fab Brillo Box Pouf and go to checkout, its £299 price tag has dropped to £149.50. Similarly, if you want a Keith Haring chair (which we've just bought ourselves!), that's usually £75, but is now selling at £37.50 at checkout.

Stock limited and there's that three-day time limit. Don't hang about.

Sale at the Fab website


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