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Space Age style: Estée Lauder x Courrèges make-up collection

Lauder Courreges

The fashion brand that so encapsulates the Space Age fashion of the 1960s, Courrèges, is back, well at least in some form. It brings its futuristic style to this limited edition make-up collection collaboration with Estée Lauder

Available from Selfridges, the packaging in itself is something of a desirable item, with sleek and smooth designs, such as the 'ball highlighter' pictured below. And while the make-up available also nods to the futuristic tastes closely associated with Courrèges, with items such as the 'lip visor' and a white eyeliner, they've also benefited from Estée Lauder's 21st-century formulations. 

Interestingly the Courrèges name has recently been bought, so it's likely it'll be seen across more items soon, including its own clothing line. There's another example of another collaboration in store at Selfridges at the moment too – a bag range with Eastpak. 

Prices for the make-up start at £19. 

Buy the range exclusively at Selfridges

Ball highlighter estee lauder

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