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Retro houses: More picks of the week from WowHaus

Actually it has been a little longer than a week since we did a round-up of the retro houses for sale courtesy of WowHaus. So let’s have a catch-up, as there are plenty of interesting ones out there.

1960s Eric Lyons-designed Span House in New Ash Green, Kent (pictured above)

A Span House dating back to 1968 and in need of a bit of loving care.

This is one of the larger and more distinctive Span builds. Some updating needed, but really it just looks to be a case of upgrading to suit your own tastes. Lot of communal space too, as you would expect.

More about the house

1960s Donald Wexler-designed midcentury modern property in Palm Springs, California, USA

If you want to know how best to present a midcentury modern place, check this one out.

A stylish property anyway, but someone has gone out of their way to ‘dress’ this place for the era too. Not quite walking into a time capsule, but you certainly get a feel fro the original era when you walk into this house.

More about the house

1970s Ted Levy-designed apartment in Haverstock Hill, London NW3

Ted Levy worked in there smarter areas of London and as such, many of his houses have been picked up and heavily updated over the years. Not this one though.

Still in the desirable area, but this apartment also has the sought after features of the 1970s. Check out the staircase, the vaulted ceiling space, exposed brick walls, wood-clad ceilings and large windows for example.

More about the house

1950s Mies Van Der Rohe-designed townhouse in Detroit, Michigan, USA

Amazing to think you can buy this place for less than the price of the average house in the UK right now.

Yet this is a Mies Van Der Rohe design in an up and coming area (we believe) and just in need of a finishing touch. Original features aplenty.

More about the house

1970s Marc Corbiau-designed brutalist property in Glabais, Belgium

Belgian brutalism, not far our of Brussels.

Possibly updated internally, but little seems to have changed externally. In truth, the inside is still a touch ‘time capsule’ when you factor in the furnishings, but without looking dated.

More about the house

Three-bedroom apartment in the Ravelston Garden art deco building in Ravelston, Edinburgh

An A-listed block in Scotland, with this particular apartment offering the chance to crate something special inside.

It needs work, but this fairly bare apartment has space and original features. It just needs someone with a passion for the period to bring it back to its best.

More about the house

1930s modernist property in New Hope, Pennsylvania, USA

Similar era, but a very different house.

This is a Bauhaus-inspired design, the work of a disciple of Walter Gropius and although extended and modernised, still a very special and distinctive property.

More about the house

1950s R.M. Schindler-designed The Tischler Residence in Los Angeles, California, USA

Fast forward a couple of decades and you get something even more distinctive.

Commissioned by artist Adolph Tischler, it is on the market for the first time ever, complete with fireplace and furnishings designed by the original owner. Very bold and very cool.

More about the house

One bedroom 1930s art deco apartment in Broadlands, London N6

If an exterior could sell an apartment, this would be gone in seconds.

Very stylish art deco, although the recently modernised interior is rather plain in contrast. Saying that, you do get those wonderful windows to look out of every day.

More about the house

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