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Rockabilly Jewellery Pieces from Bubblegum Vegas


While the high street brands might occasionally dip their toes in retro design, there's plenty of smaller businesses getting their vintage inspired pieces just right all year round. One such designer is UK-based Bubblegum Vegas, with their great range of kitschy retro jewellery and accessories.

The stand out pieces are the rockabilly items, taking vintage tattoo and nautical influences and creating affordable earrings and necklaces to give an effortless nod to your favourite era. Shown above are the Good Luck necklace and Anchor's Away earrings, retailing at £18 and £16 respectively.

Get yours and see more at their online shop.

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Bird Vanity Case by Kate Garey


Vanity cases may have fallen out of favour as a must have over the years, but a handful of retro designers are still lending their expertise to pieces with cutesy kitsch. This Bird Print Case by Kate Garey has a charming combination of vintage inspiration and modern design.

The pale green and white polka dots establish a great fifties look, while the graphic bird print has a modern twist on a fifties and sixties feel. The ideal addition to your luggage collection, the soft case is practical and spacious along with its sweet exterior.

It's available from Urban Outfitters now for £22, exclusively online.

Find out more from the website

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What Every Woman Ought to Know – Lifestyle Lessons from the 1930s

What Every Woman Ought to Know – Lifestyle Lessons from the 1930s” is a collection of cuttings taken from the Daily Mail during that decade, offering advice on beauty, fashion, cookery and home-making.

As you might expect, some of the articles seem incredibly dated now and the worldview it offers is extremely limited (although it might be said that The Daily Mail hasn’t changed much), but there are still some interesting snippets in here that make it worth a read.

The book is currently on offer at Past Times, where it is being sold at half price at £7.49.

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The Perfume Diaries exhibition at Harrods


Perfume enthusiasts should schedule in a visit to Harrods before 2 October as the world famous department store is exploring the heritage and history of some of the most iconic fragrance brands at The Perfume Diaries exhibition

Curated by fragrance expert Roja Dove, the exhibition examines scents from 1800s onwards. Original sketches and artwork are displayed alongside vintage packaging. The changing trends in fragrance throughout the twentieth century are explored, as well as the inspiration behind some of the most famous perfumes – including the Dior New Look dress that inspired the creation of Miss Dior in 1947. 

There are also some talks scheduled to accompany the exhibition, including one featuring Jean-Paul Guerlain and Terry Wasser of Guerlain.  

Find out more from the Harrods website

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The Powder Room: 50s-style beauty salon

Powder room

If you fancy getting pampered in 1950s style and are London way, you may be interested in paying a visit to The Powder Room. The salon is a base for the Powderpuff Girls who are a frequent sight at the capital's most stylish parties in their glamorous retro pink uniforms, offering on the spot manicures and make-up.

The recently opened salon is based on Columbia Road, East London and is as beautifully decorated and styled as its make-up artists, decked out in full '50s style. It offers an experience worthy of any wannabe vintage Hollywood starlets with a wide range of services and a variety of party packages. Prices start at £10 for a false eyelashes application. 

Find out more online

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’50s print Filofax Fresco Beauty Giftbox


Mention the word Filofax to me and I think of shoulder-padded, hard-nosed business execs storming their way through the 1980s. However, the Filofax is still around and it seems eager to get in touch with its softer, more feminine side with products such as this Fresco beauty giftbox

The giftbox contains all the essentials for a beauty conscious girl about town: a mirror, a pen that also contains a perfume atomizer, a voucher for a free beauty treatment and of course the Filofax organiser, decorated with an attractive '50s-style illustration. They are also available in a hot pink or snake skin finish and cost £40. 

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