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eBay watch: 1980s clock and flip calendar


It doesn't seem to have a brand attached to it, but this 1980s clock and flip calendar is both appealing and very useful.

The clock face is apparently made of black plastic, doing hours, minutes and seconds, as well as offering an alarm function. The flip calendar is…well, a flip calendar, as you would expect, sat alongside the clock and clad in that perspex casing.

The alarm clock is apparently in good condition and in full working order, with 'a few faint age related marks and scratches' on the Perspex casing. It also runs on a single AA battery. Right now, the price is at 99p.

Find out more at the eBay website

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Space Invaders 2011 Calendar

If you haven’t bought a calendar for next year yet, what are you waiting for? We’ve featured several already, but perhaps this simple Space Invaders 2011 Calendar will appeal.

The whole year is shown on one sheet, measuring 12 inches by 18 inches with each row of space invaders representing two weeks. Each alien is numbered with the date and you can cross them out with a marker pen when the date has passed, which is supposed to replicate zapping them as you would in the old arcade game.

The calendar costs $19 (around £12.30) from SeeChangeDesign on Etsy.

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1950s Design 2011 Calendar

If the yellow, brown and orange wallpaper prints of the 60s were too much for you even in calendar form in the Sixties Design calendar we mentioned recently, then perhaps the more subdued interiors of the 1950s Design 2011 Calendar will be more to your tastes.

Emerging from the austerity of the war years, this was the start of the boom in consumerism and of course, the decade that gave us Eames. As with the 1960s counterpoint, the twelve pages each have an inspiring interior scene, reflecting the best of design from this period.

The 1950s Design Calendar is available to buy from the Calendar Club, priced £9.99.

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Sixties Design 2011 Calendar

With just two and a bit months of 2010 remaining, it doesn’t seem too unreasonable for shops to be stocking calendars for next year. One that has particularly caught my attention is this Sixties Design 2011 Calendar.

The calendar celebrate the new mood in interior design in this decade, where people weren’t afraid to mix bold patterns and colours and styles from the past such as Victorian, Edwardian and art nouveau. With one image for each month, the calendar provides twelve inspiring interiors.

The calendar is available to buy online from Pop Art UK, priced £8.99.

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eBay watch: 1970s perpetual calendar


A great and useful design – and this 1970s perpetual calendar is available for a modest outlay.

But there is a catch – this calendar was made by Arlac in West Germany for the Dutch market, so some of the day and month titles might not quite be what you expect.

It's still a great piece of space age-style design though and is able to fit onto any wall. If you fancy it, the calendar is on a 'Buy It Now' for £29.

Find out more at the eBay website