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Lather Bee Rich retro soaps


Cosmetic ranges often rely on a touch of retro looks to their packaging to add style to their product. These Lather Bee Rich soaps definitely do that, and with a sense of humour too. 

The soaps are all naturally made with different specialities: there's soaps for the face, for the body or for use in the kitchen. The main interest though is their tin packaging as each soap is given a name and a character straight out of the Twenties and Thirties. There's 'Blazin' Betty', 'Lusty Lu-Lu' or, as fans of 'O Brother Where Art Thou' will rejoice to see, 'Dapper Dan'. If the soaps are as good as they look, you'll be squeaky clean in no time. 

The soaps cost CAN $8.50 each. 

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