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Vintage Cut Out London Cards

Graphic designers Present and Correct confess to a long term obsession with stationery which has resulted in their online store, which is a mixture of their own handmade goods, work by other designers and vintage items. It is under the latter category that we find these Old Cut Out London Cards.

Printed in the 1960s in Kentish Town, each vintage postcard has a retro London vehicle on it that can be cut out and made into a little model. Choose from a bus, taxi, mail van or train. Before they are cut and folded, there is enough room to write a message on the back of the postcard, so can be used instead of a greetings card for birthdays, thanks you cards etc.

They cost £2.65 each from Present and Correct.

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Odyssey Writing Desk


I didn’t think I would ever love another desk as much as the George Nelson Home Desk, but I think my affections have been swayed by the Odyssey Writing Desk.

This desk is based on an Italian design from the 1940’s and like George Nelson’s design, it isn’t particularly suited to housing a PC, but it should be fine for a laptop. It has just one drawer, so again it is not the most practical of designs if you are looking for storage space, but I’m willing to overlook that for something that looks this good.

The Odyssey Writing Desk costs £595, which seems reasonable compared to the price of my previous favourite desk.  You can buy it online from Graham and Green.

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Tolix 1930s A Chair and A56 Chair by Xavier Pauchard


Timeless classics that are good for both indoors and outdoors – the Tolix A Chair and A56 Chair by Xavier Pauchard.

Both were designed in 1934 by Pauchard, specifically to serve the huge number of French cafes, either as a high-back chair or something more like an armchair.

Both are constructed the same way, differing whether you want to use indoors or out. The indoors versions are made of raw steel with a matt or glossy painted finish, the outdoor seats with a galvanised matt or varnished finish. Lots of colours to choose from, with prices starting at £163.

Find out more at the Lollipop Shoppe website

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1950s-style ABC is easy as 123 print by Sol Linero


L'Affiche Moderne is always an interesting place to look for quirky and often retro artwork without spending a fortune, as this ABC is easy as 123 print by Sol Linero testifies.

Sol Linero is an Argentinian illustrator based in Buenos Aires and obviously inspired by the 1950s, as the alphabet print shows, not to mention his similar Ponch and Lupita print, which is also available on the site.

The print above is limited to 300, available as everything from a print to a canvas in varying sizes. As you can imagine, prices vary because of this, but start at just over 23 Euros.

Find out more at the L'Affiche Moderne website

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Triangular Drinks Trolley


Rather than hiding your drinks away in a cupboard, you could keep them on this Triangular Drinks Trolley, which shouldn’t take up more space than a side table.

Usually any kind of serving trolley suggests 1970s dinner parties, but this one is made of black glass and chrome, which while still look retro, has more 1980s style to it.

It is available to buy from Frances Hunt, where at the time of writing, it is part of their sale, reduced from £145 to £119.

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Alvar Aalto 1950s Bilberry suspension light gets chrome finish


We featured the original reissue of this some time back, but now the Alvar Aalto Bilberry suspension light is available with a chrome finish.

The original dates back to the late 50s, Aalto designing it for the Maison Carre in France. The Artek reissue is much the same, with the option of the original white finish or the more bold chrome-clad light, both of which can be used singularly or in clusters.

No difference in the price, both the original white painted steel version and the new chrome version selling for £235.

Find out more at the TwentyTwentyOne website