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Lion and Cub Puzzle from The V&A


This lovely Lion and Cub puzzle from the V&A has something of the seventies about the design – it could be all the orange!

The puzzle comprises twelve large pieces so it's easy to handle and assemble for younger children and is made of wood. Perfect for learning hand-eye coordination skills. The puzzle is made in France with non-toxic, child-friendly paints and finishes.

Buy it online for £8.00 at the V&A Museum of Childhood Shop.
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Retro Circle Tree Decal


The trend for wall decals shows no signs of abating and here is another great design to consider, the Retro Circle Tree Decal. 

This design has been created by Leen the Graphics Queen and can be customised to your requirements. I rather like the three colours used here, but you can pick any three colours from the designer’s palette of 34 shades.

It costs $40 (around £25) from the designer’s shop on Etsy.

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Ich&Kar ‘Etre et Avoir’ wall sticker

Etre et avoir wall

There are plenty of graphic wall stickers about at the moment – indeed we featured Ich&Kar's Pop Flower sticker a while back. For a slightly different look from the same designers, how about this Etre et Avoir wall sticker? 

Yes, it is educational and shows forms of the French verbs, so its maybe not the kind of thing you want to look at every evening, but it does tap into the current trend for old school style educational aids in a very stylish way. It's a single strip, measuring 250 by 46.5cm, presented using a basic colour scheme and a simple sans serif font. For those of a more mathematical persuasion, there is also a strip showing times tables. 

Both cost 75 euros from the Domestic website

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Lisa Stickley black and white chairs cushion

Lisa Stickley cushion

This black and white chairs cushion from Lisa Stickley is a beautiful example of how to combine vintage with the contemporary. It uses a section of old fabric and combines it with a handprinted illustration to produce a striking look. This cushion is taken from Stickley's England collection and lots of her work uses the juxtaposition of materials, patterns and techniques to create a sense of English eccentricity.

Each cushion is made to order and this is reflected in the price tag of £86.

Buy it online
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Keith Haring iPod Skins


Urban Outfitters in the USA are selling a limited edition artist series iPod skins, which includes one featuring the unmistakeably work of Keith Haring.

The design is called Five Dancing Figures and features his distinctive colourful dancing characters. Judging by the photographs on the website, the design actually works rather well with the classic iPod. There is also a version available for the iPhone.

Both cost $15 (around £10) and can be ordered online from the Urban Outfitters website.

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Eero Aarnio Formula plastic chair


A fairly modern design that still packs those 60s space age looks – the Eero Aarnio Formula plastic chair.

First seen back in 1998, the Formula was pitched as the missing link between Aarnio's classic plastic designs and more traditional lounge chairs, offering the space age looks, along with an ergonomic shape, rocking motion and a handy little space for your drink. All wrapped up in a shape that's reminiscent of a formula one car.

Still available today, you can get one for your living room for £2,699.

Find out more at the Design Shop UK website