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Wurlitzer One More Time Jukebox


Nothing quite sums up the 50s quite like iconic Wurlitzer. This staple of diners the world over has been given a 21st century update.

The Wurlitzer One More Time Jukebox has had a tonne of tech goodies shoved behind the classic retro façade. You can fill it up with up to 100 CDs or stick your iPod on the dock provided and listen to all your favourites through the Bose speaker system inside. It even has a digital display and title cards for up to 60 songs. 

Before you start routing around for your credit card, if you hadn't guessed already, such a creation comes with a fairly heafty price tag. This slice of 50s nostalgia will cost you an eye-watering £6,799 from John Lewis. See the website for more details.

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Betty Lou Dress by Heartbreaker Fashion


For an instantly recognisable shot of US fifties fashion in any girl's wardrobe, a diner style dress is a great choice. For a hint of that Americana feel, without falling for cliché or cartoonishness, this Betty Lou Dress by Heartbreaker Fashion is very worthy of a look-in.

The structure features a full swing skirt, button through front and sleeveless cut, with a contrasting shirt collar and waist ties creating accents to the slinky silhouette. The dress comes in two shades, mustard and ketchup, for an added wink to the kitschy inspiration.

Pre-Order yours now from Heartbreaker for $95.

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Jet Pocket Shirt from Dorothy Perkins


Much of the fifties reproduction fashion available both in the mainstream and from dedicated retro brands leans heavily on a hyper feminine look. But from the decade that truly brought menswear into womens fashion there's plenty of untapped influences to be explored.

This Jet Pocket Shirt from Dorothy Perkins is a great fifties-styled piece that manages to combine a masculine influence with some feminine flair. The use of a bowling/diner style collar and pocket detailing creates an instantly rockabilly mood, with the sleeveless cut and loose fit keeping things just androgynous enough.

It's available from Dorothy Perkins for £20.

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Comedy Hour Dress from ModCloth


Much of the fifties and early sixties fashion fodder of 2010 was dedicated to that ultra-vampy Mad Men aesthetic, with curve-hugging silhouettes and plunging necklines. If you're after something from the era that's a little off the beaten track, try this Comedy Hour Dress from ModCloth.

The use of the shirt collar design is reminiscent of a classic fifties American style, leaning on the use of menswear styles that emerged in the decade. With a full skirt falling to the mid-calf, the short sleeves and sweet polka dot fabric combine to create a dress that's demure and chic – without veering into the dreaded Stepford Wife element.

It's available online from ModCloth now for $99.99.

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Retro diner wall clock at Dollydagger


Dollydagger claim their store stocks ‘cool clothes for rock n roll chicks’. They’ve also got a nice line in stocking cool home accessories for rock n roll chicks (and guys), such as this retro diner wall clock

Perfect for adding a touch of 50s Americana to a kitchen, it’s made in bright and cheerful plastic, also available in green and black as well as the powder blue shown. The clock face is bold and easy-to-read too. 

It costs £18.50, leaving plenty of change to fund a rock around the clock. 

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1950s diner napkin holder


If you’ve already got your tomato shaped ketchup bottle but are missing the finishing touch for your kitchen, this 1950s diner style napkin holder may be the answer. Available in either red or black gingham and with a curved top and metal finish, it’s perfectly retro styled. It’s also double sided, so no need to fit about who gets to wipe their hands first after a burger, shake and fries. 

It’s a cheap and cheerful addition to the kitchen for £12. 

Buy it from the Dollydagger website