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Vintage 60s Chair in Lollipops Fabric

Winter’s Moon is a great source of vintage furniture, but with most pieces being one-offs you have to be quick. However, they currently have several Vintage 60s Chairs upholstered in Lollipops Fabric, so they can go to more than one deserving home.

The chairs are by Parker Knoll and have a typical midcentury shape. The fabric covering is by Annabel Grey, a contemporary textile designer, but whose designs are perfect match for the period of this piece. The Lollipops fabric consists of stylised flowers in mustard and pink against a grey background.

The chair costs £595 from Winter’s Moon.

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Kay + Stemmer Otto Side Table

Kay + Stemmer have popped up at Heal’s with retro designs in the past, but the Otto Side Table is a piece they’ve created for SCP.

It has a circular base and top with a rectangular box drawer, all made of oak. The drawer is fully removable and can be opened from either side. It originally cost £340, but is now in the sale for just over £283.

Further details are available on the SCP website.

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Crimson and Bow-ver Heels from ModCloth


The hunt for clothing that has both killer looks and ethically sourced fabrics at once can be a painstaking process, especially when it comes to leather accessories. Providing a rare find in footwear, however, are these Crimson and Bow-ver Heels from ModCloth, made from a vegan-friendly faux leather fabric.

The use of vegan materials doesn't mean the slightest compromise on style in this case, with the ruby red heels tapping into a very cute fifties and sixties aesthetic. The d'Orsay style sandals, complete with chunky ankle strap and heels, have an instant retro impact, with the bow vamp adding some extra kitsch appeal.

Get yours from ModCloth now for $47.99.

Find out more from the website

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Ikea Fillsta Lighting Series

As you can easily pay hundreds of pounds for top end lighting designs, it is reassuring to find cheap, but interesting alternatives, such as Ikea’s Fillsta Lighting Series.

Pictured here is the table lamp version, which is available in white or this more unusual orange option. It measures 27 cm in diameter and stands at 31cm high. It gives out a soft mood light. If you want a stronger room light, then the floor standing version is a better option. It is 75 cm in diameter and 78cm tall, but is only available with a white shade. The table lamps cost just over £20 and the floor lamp a little over £56.

Visit the Ikea website for more information.