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So This is Permanence: Joy Division Lyrics and Notebooks

It is such a good looking thing, but if you are a fan of the band and its late lead singer, you'll probably be more keen to see the inside of So This is Permanence: Joy Division Lyrics and Notebooks, which is published by Faber Books.

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V&A Postmodernism exhibition ‘Sound & Vision’ Gatefold Vinyl


If you haven't yet been along to the Postmodernism exhibition at the V&A, we heartily recommend you make your way down there post haste. There really is something for everyone who loves the 70s to the 90s, from architecture & consumables to fashion & popular culture.

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Victorian Collage Cards by Spotted Sparrow

Spotted Sparrow has produced the great Victorian Collage Cards range, which combines Victorian imagery with 1980s pop references. An unusual combination, but it works well.

There are eight designs to pick from, some more credible than others. As well as the Last of the Famous International Playboys design pictured here, I like the designs based on Love Will Tear Us Apart, Lips Like Sugar and You Spin Me Round (featuring a Penny Farthing). The cards cost £3.50 each which includes the option of having your own personalised message printed inside.

Go to the Spotted Sparrow website to see the whole range.

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Joy Division Postcard Box Set by Kevin Cummins.

We have previously mentioned Kevin Cummins’ postcards celebrating the music of Manchester and Liverpool, but even more of a treat is his Joy Division Postcard Box Set.

Cummins is viewed by many as the definitive chronicler of the Manchester music scene, beginning his career at around the time that Joy Division started. This special edition box set features 20 of his iconic Joy Division images, reproduced as postcards and presented in hand finished box. Appropriately, the set was made in Manchester.

Buy it online from Polite Shop, priced £25.

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Joy Division colouring book by Piper Gates Design


Yes, you read that title correctly, this is indeed a Joy Division colouring book by Piper Gates Design.

A limited edition (so get in quick if you want one), the book is A4 in size and has a four-page cover and eight pages of 'colouring in fun. You even get a free Transmission sleeve as a bonus to prolong the fun even further. You'll need to buy your own coloured crayons, but let's be honest, you'll only need black and grey.

It's being sold as a 'Buy It Now' on eBay, priced at £15.99. See another image over the page.

Find out more at the eBay website

Please note that the link has now been changed after first print run sold out. The new link is for the the second batch to be printed up, which can be ordered now.

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