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Psychedelic Snuggle Dog Bed

974_psychedelic_green_snuggle_bed_mThere have been other pet beds featured here in the past, but they have tended to be high-end stuff, pet-sized reproductions of classic furniture. This one is somewhat different.

The Psychedelic Snuggle Dog Bed isn’t going to win any design awards and it is someway off being a classic, but it looks pretty comfortable, which most dogs will appreciate more than style. It comes in four different sizes and a choice of two colour schemes; blue patterned with green lining or pink patterned with pink lining – the pattern being a fabulous flower print. A matching bone-shaped cushion is provided.

Prices start at £35 for the smallest size, up to £45 for the largest on the Plush Petz website.

Pop art your pet


Seeing as we've been on an Andy Warhol tip of late, we might as well give a mention to Pop Art Pets.

Yes, you can have some Warhol-esque artwork featuring your dog, cat, budgie or hamster adorning the living room wall - just like in the above examples. Or if you don't fancy that, there's some Lichtenstein-style cartoon imagery available too.

Just send in your photos, then receive a proof back to check over. Once you're happy, it will be printed on fine art canvas of a size chosen by you (and your budget). For the pop art, prices start at $135 (around £70) for a 12-inch x 12-inch image, rising to $360 (around £180) for a massive 36-inch x 36-inch pet picture.

Find out more at the Pop Art Pet website

Ikea Bastis Krona pet chaise longue

Ikea_petbed Bored of your plastic pet bed? You can give your cat or dog a bit of Victorian-style luxury with this Ikea Bastis Krona pet chaise longue.

Unlike your average Ikea product, this one would sit effortlessly in your period home, allowing your pet to sit high and proud, surveying all around them. As you'd expect from a pet bed, it has a removable and washable cover, but you probably don't expect the chaise longue-style arm rest, which is ideal if your pet is going through an Oscar Wilde phase. Can you get smoking jackets for dogs? If you know of any, let us know.

Available now, you can pick one up for £34.90

Find out more at the Ikea website

Wowo Dog Pod - mid-century design for your pet


It's not easy finding dog accessories that fit effortlessly into your retro home - and that cheap plastic bed can really ruin your look. But if you look hard enough, you can find some cool kit - like this Wowo Dog Pod by Vurv Design.

It's designed with one eye on those mid-century classics, with that curved wood finish ideal for matching up with your Eames furnishings and design pieces. This bent ply dog recliner is finished with a choice if veneers and with solid wood legs, along with a removable washable pad.

Made to order, it retails for $629.95 (around £315).

Find out more at the Modern Tails website

Retro Room aquarium

Retro_aquarium Usually, a fish tank has a small piece of plastic coral and some pebbles for decoration, so how about giving your goldfish a 70s-style makeover with the Retro Room aquarium.

It's a fairly basic tank, but with the added interest of a vintage-style chair, TV, lava lamp and rug - everything your retro-inspired goldfish will ever need. And if you don't want to stick in a real goldfish, there's even a plastic one to start you off.

Available online, you can pick one up for $20 (around £10).

Find out more at the Wishing Fish website

Retro dog collars and leads

Retro_dogcollar Go down to your local pet store and you'll probably have very little choice for a dog collar, with the exception of size and colour. That's not the case at Retro Pet, which has a huge range of retro pet collars, harnesses and leads.

Available for all sizes of dog, you can choose from exotic designs including "Mod Psychedelic Swirl", "Retro Orange Atomic", "Mocha Dahlias" and the one featured here - "Psychedelic Flowers".

Prices vary, with collars around $21 (£11),  leads around $28 (£15) and harnesses around $40 (£22).

Find out more at the Retro Pet website


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