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Canna pendant by Litecraft

Orange and white pendant

Looking for some more unusual options for your lighting on the high street? Take a look at the Canna pendant by Litecraft

We've shown you another light by Litecraft before – their Cyber wall lamp, a space age style affair. This pendant looks as if its been inspired by the same era, its orange and white colour scheme and split sphere shape adding to its futuristic style. 

And that high street price? The pendant costs £17.82. 

Buy one from Debenhams

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Cyber wall lamp by Litecraft

Litecraft lamp

With its distinctive looks, this Cyber wall lamp could easily fit into a 1970s interior. However, it's a contemporary design, courtesy of Litecraft, and something of a bargain too. 

The lamp is made from a glass shade with an orange surround. Made from plastic, the colour, material and shape of the surround all help to create the retro look. The wall fitting is chrome. On looks alone, it's an interesting piece, but the lamp also promises to offer soft and ambient lighting. 

Sounds worth trying out for the price of only £12.90.

Buy it from Debenhams