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Fisher Price View-Master

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Viewmaster Did you know that the View-Master was first invented back in the 1930s? Originally it was pitched as an alternative to the scenic postcard (a 3D collection of images from your destination), but over time, it became more known as a children’s toy – with images to match.

The 3D images are just a clever manipulation of two images – viewed together, they fool the eye into seeing the depth. If you don’t believe me, you can find out for yourself as the View-Master, now owned by Fisher Price, is still available to buy.

The View-Master retails for around $8 online (that’s just £4.25), with discs available for around $5 per set (around £2.65). An inexpensive design classic that’s sure to give you and friends plenty of enjoyment.

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One thought on “Fisher Price View-Master

  1. Fooling the eye? That would be X-Ray specs.
    There is no “fooling” going on here. You see 3D in real life because each of your eyes sees what you are looking at from two slightly different perspectives. Your brain combines these images and calculates depth for you.
    A 3D photograph takes two pictures of the same thing at the same two perspectives as your eyes. When each eye is able to look at these two pictures independently, your brain again puts the two images together and you see 3D.
    It is not a trick, it’s 3D, the only difference is looking at pictures instead of the live object.

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