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Lee’s limited edition 101 1966 denims


Fancy a denim jacket and jeans with a bit of heritage? Check out these Lee 101 1966 limited edition jeans and jacket.

Apparently a replica of the jeans/jackets that The Beatles wore in a 1966 Scandinavian photo shoot, they’re limited to just 1001 pieces. But there’s more, the ones at Manchester’s Oi Polloi (and available online) are part of a separate small batch made of dry/raw denim – the way they would have been presented back in the day. But still taken out of the limited run’s count.

The slim fit 101Z jeans have 5 pockets, zip fly, two tone stitching and original badging. They’re also numbered and boxed. The 101J jacket also has the vintage details and badging – and is also numbered. Not cheap, with the jeans at £139.99 and the jacket at £159.99 – but who can put a price on exclusivity?

Find out more at the Oi Polloi website

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