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PGO brings Speedster II and Cevennes retro roadsters to UK


Yet more retro sports cars on the market, this time from French firm PGO, which has announced it is offering right-hand drive versions of its Speedster II and Cevennes retro roadsters to the UK market.

Both cars are effectively replicas of the Porsche 356 Speedster, with the Cevennes being a more ‘sporty’ version if that’s your thing. Each has a two-litre Peugeot engine, Peugeot chassis, option automatic gearbox and a 50s-style cockpit with leather upholstery, analogue dials and instruments, along with some modern-day additions, including CD player, air conditioning, electric windows and parking sensors.

If you want one, the UK dealer is Lifestyle Automotive Ltd in Sunninghill, Berkshire. No price available as yet.

Find out more at the PGO website