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Toshiba launches Snoopy mobile phone

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Lucky old Japan – the first place to get these newly-launched Snoopy handsets from Toshiba.

There’ s a range of Peanuts-inspired panels available for the handset, as well as a selection of accessories, including a kennel phone holder and exclusive packaging. The phone itself has a selection of themed wallpapers, screensavers and ringtones, plus high-speed internet browsing and face recognition security – so only you can use it.

No word if these will be released elsewhere in the world – we’ll keep you posted.

More photos at the Gizmo Diva website


12 thoughts on “Toshiba launches Snoopy mobile phone

  1. Hi there. I’ve been checking out this phone on many different websites and I have not yet come across a price range. Do you by any chance know roughly how much these handsets would cost?
    I would be greatful if you did.
    Oh and also, whether you know if these phones will be available to purchase in Western countries like the UK?

  2. Hello, I loved the novelty! Glad you have a product of the cell Snoopy, that penalty that this technology has only in Japan, hope to arrive soon in Brazil for the last of Snoopy fans can provide the products of Toshiba …
    Ps.: I love the detail of the wall with Snoopy and Woodstock, is divine!

  3. I have to get my hands on one of those. I may only be 13 but i am a huge snoopy phone. They should atleast bring out snoopy phone covers in the UK! Lets just pray to Buddah that we will have some in the UK. I will be the first in the shops!! I wasnt to know a price range though so i can start saving. And when will they be available?
    p.s: I NEED ONE

  4. omg! is it real? **
    im a BIG snoopy fan!
    i want this mobile here in Brazil 🙁
    someone know were can I buy it? plsss;

  5. OMG!Does anyone know any websites or anything where i can get this because i am only 11 but i love it and my sister lost my phone!AHHH!I CAN’T WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON ONE OF THESE!

  6. OMG!!!! I need to know when this phone will be available here in the States. I live in New Jersey and I LOVE HIM and per my mom, I have loved him since I was a baby. I want the phone big time.

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