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Design Icons at Harrods

LavalampUntil 24 May, Harrods hosts a season around the theme of "Design Icons".  Iconic products are displayed around the store during this period allowing visitors to see them up close.

They have selected a wide range of designs including the Mathmos Lava Lamp (1963), the Rubik’s Cube (1973), Chanel No 5 (1921), Coca Cola Contour Bottle (1915) and the Togo Chair (1973), as well as some more recent designs such as the ipod.

The displays will be accompanied by a series of lectures, in association with the Design Museum, which include debate on ‘What Makes a Design Iconic" and lectures by design leaders such as Vivienne Westwood and Richard Sapper.  Videos of these lectures will be posted on the Design Icons website for anyone unable to attend in person.

For further details of the Design Icons season, visit the dedicated website.