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Shag’s super-sized limited edition Glorious Lifestyle print


Ever seen The Party? It’s a film I personally love and if you’ve ever read the interview we did with Shag for Modculture (a good few years back), you’ll know he does too. And it’s the inspiration for the Shag Glorious Lifestyle print.

It’s a biggie – an epic 48 inches wide to pack in all the characters and that super-cool 60s domestic landscape. Shame there’s no sign of Peter Sellers though.

It’s limited to 150 and for the main part, limited to the Australian market. If that includes you, you can buy one here. However, there are very limited numbers of this 20-colour serigraph now available at the Shagmart shop – for US customers only and for a hefty $450 (around £225). But what us Brits?

Find out more at the Shagmart website