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Olympus unveils super-stylish Micro Four Thirds retro camera


We don’t like to get too technical, nor do we like showing off things you can’t buy, but we really can’t resist this newly-unveiled Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera.

For ease of explanation, let’s just say that Micro Four Thirds is the latest high-end camera format, removing the traditional mirror, prism and optical viewfinder of the SLR, replacing it with digital technology – which means you get the same functionality, but less bulk and weight.

And this 60s-inspired model is the end result. It’s certainly real people-friendly and oozing style with its two tone body in brushed metal. We’re hoping it keeps the same look when it officially launches (this is just a concept). if it does, we’ll be trading in our Leica as soon as it hits the shelves.

Olympus website

Via Digital Camera Review

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