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Replica Batmobile now available online at Firebox


Yes, you really can live out your childhood (and possibly adult) fantasy by securing a replica Batmobile, able to drive around the streets and park at your local supermarket. If you can find a parking bay big enough.

It really is impressive, an officially licensed replica, based on the iconic 1966 car, with a brand new GM350 crate engine powering its fibreglass body along the road. All your driving essentials are here too, including gauges, push-button ignition and working lights. But what about the gadgets you ask? Yes, it's packed full of those too.

That includes a working rocket exhaust flamethrower, opening roll top dashboard doors, flashing red beacon, automatic Batbeam antenna grid and glowing Detect-a-Scope radar screen. Some modern gear as well, like a dash-mounted DVD player, electric actuators that open the hood and trunk, and a six speaker sound system. Some nice cosmetic touches too – chromed rocket tubes, double ‘bubble’ windshields and custom leather seats, not to mention a high end paint job that even extends to underneath the car.

Of course, it doesn't come cheap. Did you expect it to? If you want a replica Batmobile, you'll have to pay £120,000. If that's not put you off, give Firebox a shout.

Find out more at the Firebox website

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