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1950s-inspired Seedheads duvet cover, curtains, blinds and wallpaper at John Lewis

We thought it was just wallpaper, but there’s a lot more in the 1950s-inspired Seedheads range at John Lewis when you start to dig deep.

In fact, you can also make your own designs too, more on that in a moment. For now, let’s focus on the pieces that are ready made with the wonderful midcentury design. As you can see above (and below) there’s a duvet cover and pillowcase set, which varies in price between £25 and £5 defending on the size of the set.

If you want to match that up in a room, the same print is also available for pleated curtains, which are priced from £70, again with the price going up with size. If you prefer blinds, John Lewis has a daylight roller blind priced from £22 and if you want to decorate the walls, wallpaper is available in two colour variations for £22 for a 10m roll.

Not enough? Well, if you happen to be feeling crafty, you can also buy the fabric itself. There are three colour variations of that, with a price of £20 per metre. All are available online right now.

Find out more at the John Lewis website





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