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eBay watch: Vintage Airstream caravan


We have featured recent models of these, but at a price in excess of £35,000, a new one is out of the reach of most of us. Alternatively, you can rent one for a holiday or you can bid for this vintage Airstream caravan on eBay.

Details are limited on this particular listing, but there are plenty of pictures to tell the story. The few details available say this is a 1976, 31ft, Airstream caravan that has 'just been imported' and is available for delivery. The downside is the state of the inside – let's just say a full refurbishment is required.

But with the price of those new ones being so high, this old model could prove something of a profitable project if you wish to take it on. £3,000 is the price. See the listing for lots of inside shots.

Find out more at the eBay website

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American Postcard Art

Postcard art

Pick up some seasonally appropriate artwork for your home, courtesy of American Postcard Art

Their product is pretty self explanatory from their name. Explore their vast collection of postcards and choose a design to be printed up for your walls. You can search by using the categories people, places or things. Though their collection is mainly US focused, such as this California postcard which is postmarked 1941, they do also have a selection of vintage UK postcards too. 

Prices start at $29 for 8" by 10" photogloss reproduction and go up to $689 for 4" x 72" canvas. reproduction. 

See them online