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XYZ Wooden Blocks by Christian Northeast

These XYZ wooden blocks by Christian Northeast offer a fun alternative to traditional kids alphabet blocks.

They're made like the classic wooden blocks that have been played with by generations of children all over the world. The difference here is their iconography. Executed in a retro style, Christian's illustrations offer a slice of pure Americana: from flamingos and eight balls to vinyl and x ray specs. There's no doubt that the set is bound to improve anyone's vocabulary too – how about U for Uvula? 

For your kids, or just to look pretty, the blocks cost £29.

Buy them from Indish

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Three Potato Four at Pedlars

Three potato

Fans of vintage Americana will no doubt already be aware of Three Potato Four. Well, Pedlars have asked them to put together two collections for them, bringing their trademark style to the UK. 

The collections cover an amazing range. There's gas station signage and fan belts, storage boxes from shoe factories and grocery baskets. Everything is available on a first come, first served basis, so if any of that appeals you should click through to the Pedlars website quickly. 

Prices start at £7.50 for vintage model aeroplane propellers and go up to the early hundreds for some of the signs. 

See the range online