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Blossom and Bill tea towel

Blossom and bill
We've featured so many Blossom and Bill products on this site, it's hard to believe that it's only now that they are making an appearance on a tea towel

Yes, ISAK's retro couple are finally ready to help you do your dishes. Their charming features have been depicted in four bright colour schemes. Take your pick from brown, blue, pink and green. There's even four suitably cheery mugs to match. 

The tea towels cost £9.95. 

Buy them from Illustrated Living

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Blossom and Bill Christmas cards from ISAK

Isak cards

We featured ISAK's new characters, Inger and Olle, earlier this week but if your heart firmly belongs to their most well-known design, take a look at these Blossom and Bill Christmas cards

There are several different cards available featuring our favourite retro duo in festive situations, including the Gingerman and the Mistletoe designs shown above. The mistletoe design shows a bold new direction for the couple – clothes! The cards cost £2 each.

Buy them from Nineteen Seventy Three