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Crumpet and Skirt cushions

Ava cushion

Remember Crumpet and Skirt's charming 'tease maids', found at the bottom of one of their pin-up mugs? The company is taking that pin-up style out of the kitchen and into the kitchen/boudoir with their new cushions

The cushions come with a choice of four luscious designs to pick from. As well as Ava, pictured, there are cushions available featuring Kim, Maureen and Lana – all executed in the same retro style. 

With beauties like this beckoning you, who wouldn't want to stop for a sit down? However, if you need a further enticement, each cushion comes with its own duck feather pad. 

The cushions cost £37 each. 

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via Domestic Sluttery

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Crumpet and Skirt Pin Up mugs

Crumpet mugs

You may remember the fantastic pin-up girl wrapping paper we featured last month. Well, Crumpet and Skirt (still one of the best names for a company I've heard) now are also selling these Pin Up mugs

Plain white and demure on the outside, inside the bottom of each mug is an illustration of one of their saucy 'Tease Maids'. Guaranteed to raise a smile with your morning cup of tea! Each mug costs £7.49.

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