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Lego Storage Heads and Storage Bricks


Looking for something quirky for storing your bits and pieces? Check out these Lego Storage Heads and Storage Bricks.

Officially licensed by the Danish toys giant, the Storage Bricks are indeed shaped like a Lego brick and just like the bricks, can be clicked together to create giant Lego structures. So de-cluttering and giant Lego – what's not to like? But wait…it gets better…

There's also Lego Storage Heads, which operate in just the same way – room for storing your stuff and able to click together as part of the larger Lego structure. Both are available now from Firebox, the heads selling from £14.99 with the blocks in various colours from £8.99 to £24.99. See over the page for Head in action.

Find out more at the Firebox website

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eBay watch: 1950s Danish teak side tables


Two very stylish items at a very cheap price – this pair of 1950s Danish teak side tables.

The title and picture just about sum things up, stylish Scandinavian midcentury design from the early 50s, complete with a decent-sized surface area, open natural cane shelf and a pull-out drawn, not to mention those pincer-like legs.

A couple of wear marks, but nothing to worry too much about, especially at the current price of $24.50 (£15.47) for the pair, plus shipping from Los Angeles, California.

Find out more at the eBay website

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Frandsen 1960s Ball pendant light


Sometimes simple is often the most stylish – as is the case with the Frandsen 1960s Ball pendant light.

Designed in Denmark back in 1969 and remaining pretty much timeless ever since the Frandsen Ball is pretty much what it says – a ball-shaped metal pendant with 2m of transparent cord for a 'floating' effect.

You can choose from a range of colours including limited editions and a chrome finish, all of which retail for around the same price – £60. Not bad for a design classic.

Find out more at the Panik Design website

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Clementine 1970s table lights


These are vintage items, but interestingly, the Clementine table lights available at the Modern Warehouse still come with their original boxes.

Dating back to the 1970s and deriving from Denmark, the lights were presumably a fun rather than high-end design – which it still is today. An alien-like shape that offers up some space age-style mood lighting for your living room.

Not too expensive either – just £40 each.

Find out more at the Modern Warehouse website