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Chip Fork Chair by Tim Styles


Icon is probably talking up a little too much, but there's denying that the wooden chip fork is very much a part of our heritage, especially when it comes to a day at the seaside. If you love it more than most, you might like to celebrate it with the Chip Fork Chair by Tim Styles.

Yes, it's a chair shaped like a two-pronged chip fork, with designer Tim Styles aiming to create a chair that makes people smile. If it doesn't do that, it'll get them talking and possibly questioning your sanity. Each chair is made to order and made of birch ply, with the finished item waxed to protect your investment.

Want one? It costs a bit more than your average fish supper. £395 to be precise.

Find out more at the Chip Fork Chair website

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Make a City London postcard set

Make a City London

Yesterday we showed you tiles based on postcards from the '50s and '60s but for an alternate tourist take with a distinctly retro feel, try this Make A City London postcard set

The set features five designs to cut-out and stick together that are based around a very nostalgic view of the city including rock and roll and fish and chips and, of course, the Routemaster bus. The designs are executed in bright colours and have a very Pop feel. In fact, given the subject matter of the postcards they'd have probably been as applicable in 'Swinging London' as they are now. 

At only £3 for a set, they're as cheap as the chips they illustrate. 

Buy it from The Museum of London shop